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Family, the heart of a home.

About WeHeartBeardedBrothers

Welcome to WeHeartBeardedBrothers!

My name is Ryan. As the wife of oldest brother, Josh, and a SAHM of five and a beautiful angel (learn more about her in this post), I’m a busy girl. I’m the shopper, cooker, horrible cleaner-upper (housework sucks), and poopy-butt wiper. Josh is a bearded lineman that works out of town Monday through Thursday. 

I decided to start this blogging journey in the hopes that it can become a family endeavor in the future. I will attempt, as in pulling teeth attempt, to get my husband to help at times for some input, but please do not expect much. 😉

Nine years ago just last week, I married into part of an extended, close-knit family, including my own. There is to be lots of home fixer-uppering in the next year or so between ours, Josh’s two brothers and their wives/girlfriends, and my own parents. There may also be some car and truck stuff thrown in that a few of these guys love to do (not that I understand it). 

Expect frequent smart-ass comments (it’s genetic and I married into an Italian family), no filter, and a wide variety of topics as the blog grows. Please do not be offended in any way. I think all of the brothers, especially my husband, have described themselves as sarcastic assholes or dickheads at one time or another. I’ll attempt to keep transcribed stories somewhat clean.

When I began this blog last year, I had a general idea as to where it may go, but more recently I’ve decided to gear it away from what everyone in the family does, but more of what the guys do and create. Hey, it is titled WeHeartBeardedBrothers after all. 

Please enjoy our stories, and if you have any ideas or feedback, we’d appreciate it. I love to chat. The guys, they typically just grunt.  


Take Care!