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Being Productive, Slowly but Surely

RaystownJuly2016   I’d love to get things accomplished.   I’d love to complete and entire load of laundry (sort, wash, dry, fold, put away) in less than 3 days. I’d love to remember to PUT everything on my grocery list let alone GET everything on my grocery list. You see, there are more than a few things that keep me occupied and busy. They range from short to tall.

It seems like every time I make any effort to be productive, it’s, “Mama!” And you know very well every “Mama” yell is a matter of life and death, that it won’t end until you take care of whatever drama they came up with (I’m not just talking the kids here either). I have to drop whatever I’m doing and either clean, feed, fix, or change something else. Typically this is interrupted at least 4 times with another life-threatening crisis. By the time I’m done calming the brood, I’ve gotten so sidetracked from my original purpose that:

1) I totally forget what I had been doing in the first place

2) I realize I have to figure out a meal, go somewhere or get kids ready for bed

3) I just don’t give a shit anymore. I’ll do it tomorrow.

Pssssttt…in mom speak, that means next week.