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Why I’m Loving the New Sam’s Club Scanner App

Why I’m Loving the New Sam’s Club Scanner App



loving sams club scanner app


I’ve discovered an app that is one of the best apps to make my weekly shopping experience simpler, so much simpler.


I do most of my shopping at a select few brick and mortar stores. As a mom of 5, I can’t be everywhere, especially when I’ve got the crew along. With a family of 7, Sam’s Club is pretty much a weekly thing. We’ve been club members since 2008 and became Plus Members a couple years ago. 


A couple months ago, the cashier handed me a small slip of paper along with my receipt. I barely looked at it, but noticed it said something regarding a scanning app. A week later as I was walking through the doors, greeted by our favorite employee Jim, I remembered that slip of paper and quickly downloaded the app to my phone.



scan and go screen shot




I grabbed my first item to try after reading through the directions (extremely simple). I was hooked. 


paper plates sams



















It’s awesome to be able to track your spending as you walk through the store scanning your items even though some of the UPC/barcodes need to be stretched out if there on bags. In the past month (4 trips), I’ve spent about $170 each trip. Here’s a screenshot:


sams shopping totals 







Previously I would not have been surprised at the register with a bill over $200. Yes, it’s happened. More than once. Before I had the app on my phone, things would get thrown in my cart and I’d get to the register and end up with a bill of $220 or more!

The best, absolute best thing about the app is the fact that you get to skip the register and the lines! It’s as simple as pressing a “Pay Now” button. Your first transaction takes the most effort, during which you put in your credit or debit card information.



 5 stars sams club scanner app

Thank you Sam’s Club for making things simple for this busy mother of 5! 

If you’re a Sam’s club member, and you’ve tried the Sam’s Club app and love it, give a shout out! If you haven’t, and have a Sam’s Club near you, would like to experience the joy of the app, apply for a membership and let me know what you think!

You also have the option of shopping online for items. They even have an auction site that I discovered a few years ago.

P.S. The quality of your fruits, vegetables, and meats is SOOOO much better than what I used to purchase at the grocery store! Plus we get more for the money, meaning more meals from one shopping trip.