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Family, the heart of a home.

Maintaining Mama Sanity

Sanity and parenting. They do not co-exist. I don’t know about you, but there are days when I just want to pull my hair out (my 8 yr-old daughter is trying to read over my shoulder as I type this…the little sneak). Sometimes I think I’m THIS CLOSE to being a prime candidate for a mental hospital. It would just be a short vacation stay mind you, maybe I can find one near a beach somewhereCarova

…ha, funny. That would be too easy.


I love my children, but the fighting, instigating, and ignoring directions drives me batty (insert pic of crazy mama here…not me, I look like shit right now). At times I feel myself shutting down. With five at home Monday-Thursday by myself while Josh works out of town, I have to find a way to deal (I guess I should clarify that statement…ATTEMPT to find a way to deal).


Unfortunately, this us not always a viable option (I should say rarely, it’s rarely a viable option). We have to be somewhat coherent and able to function in order to effectively take care of our rugrats. It’s definitely something that we consider more frequently than we should. I know I’m not the only wishful lush out there. When the opportunity presents itself though, it feels so damn good, doesn’t it? A good margarita, a Yuengling, or this is one of my new favorites … Not Your Father's root beer

Run away and hide.

There are few options for the SAHM. I will often pretend I have to got to the bathroom. It’s not like I don’t actually have to go (who am I kidding, after 6 kids, I always have to go).

Going into the basement and standing by the washer and dryer pretending to do the laundry…I’ve used this once or twice, but they all know I don’t do laundry downstairs and I certainly don’t make it a priority to fold things once they are finished drying.

On those occasions where I hit a threshold where my patience and sanity has reached it’s peak, I’ll lock myself in the bedroom and pretend I don’t hear the noise and arguing. Now, if there is a bloodcurdling scream, I may err on the side of caution and ask if anyone is bleeding. Once I’m satisfied that all is hunky-dory in sibling world, I pretend to disappear again. 

Just 15 minutes of temporary quiet and semi “alone-time” can be (it definitely isn’t a guarantee) the difference between a crazy mom and level-headed mom. Finding those 15 minutes…difficult indeed.

…and we all know that hiding in the bathroom just isn’t even plausible. As soon as we try to pee or relax in the tub, we’re interrupted. 


I’ve decided this blog is going to be an outlet. I’m hoping it helps to organize my home and life, clear my head, and bring in some extra income. I look forward to learning and sharing. I’m excited for the potential it holds and how it may change things. I’m hopeful that it opens up doors to building new friendships with fellow bloggers. 


Side note: Lane (the 3 yr-old) walked into the room as I was developing this post and says, “Mama, what’s these?”, as he stands there holding two tampons. I can’t win.