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Typical Dog Mom Morning

Dog Mom Morning

Ew . That chewing noise again. Sigh….And there’s the little snorting noise that he makes while he is chewing. That little shit, what does he have now! Hello, Alyssa here, the other sister on this blog. I have a beagle, a 2 year-old that loves to ruin all things new or needed in this house. So I am sitting on my couch checking my emails, drinking a delicious cup of coffee this morning aand out comes the little hellion with a washcloth from the bathroom. How did he reach that? He is like maybe 2 feet long and reached a washcloth that I had purposely pushed to the back of the bathroom sink! Ugh, I give up. I am not even attempting to get it from him. I am going to just sit here and pretend I do not hear him ripping it apart. Ok but then he’ll eat part of it and puke it up in 4 hours and then I’ll have to clean it up. Alright, guess I should get my ass up and attempt to retrieve it. Great, see how the tables have turned and now I’m the dog? Trying to retrieve my belongings from my master (whose name is “Bow” by the way). So how will I get my things back from you today Bow? Should I try to make a trade…one of your toys for my washcloth? Or how about I try to coax you in with a treat? Maybe you’ll drop it if I pretend I just saw something outside! Hopefully it doesn’t resort to playing your favorite game of “catch me if you can” while I try to trap you in a corner. Ooo…I got lucky today. I didn’t need to use any of my genius methods that I mentioned before. I actually just got my washcloth back by using my laptop! So its 9 a.m and sunrays are covering my couch where I am sitting and hitting the screen on my laptop which is creating a little shiny spot on the nearest wall. As most people know pets can’t resist this. So Bow is now barking his face off at the wall, and I am happily sitting here finishing my blog with washcloth in hand. It’s the little things people.